Saturday, September 14, 2013

Creative Tuesdays: Tea

The newest Creative Tuesdays theme is "tea." 
I previously shared my tea linocut print:

© Teapot Print by Abigail Davidson; Medium: Linocut, Size: 12x12 inches (image)
The print is also available at my Zazzle store and the Novi gallery.

I was inspired to make an illustration based off this print, adding a little bit of whimsy:

© Two Cats and a Giant Teapot by Abigail Davidson; Size: 2.5 x 3.5 Inches (ATC Card); Mediums: Color pencil, illustration marker
The story: These cats woke up to suddenly find a giant teapot in the room! Whether or not these cats are still asleep and dreaming this is up to you. They could also be very small cats and the teapot is a normal size.

Looking forward to seeing all the "tea" themed artwork, and happy illustrating!


  1. Love this piece and the store along with it ;) I would imagine that these are normal sized cats and the tea pot is that of a giant!

  2. It was so much fun to create a story to go with your beautiful illustration. I believe that these are two teeny tiny kittens looking up at a very normal sized tea pot.

  3. Yes, that's a really great entry for Tea, Abigail! Love it. I esp love the first print. You were all rearing to go for some tea, weren't you? Great job getting us started with these lovely additions to the co-op's theme. Thank you!

  4. oh how sweeet is this piece!!!! love it!!!

  5. Popping in from Creative Tuesdays - this is a fabulous print Abigail and I love the colours too :o)

  6. Love your lino print, but your whimsical teapot and cats is fabulous!