Sunday, June 5, 2022

Original Embroidery - In-Progress - Pink Magnolia Tree

 Lately, I’ve been getting into embroidery and decided to try making my own design. I came across a gorgeous pink magnolia tree during a walk and the contrast of the pink petals against the cornflower blue sky popped – and I knew this would make a great embroidery design!

So, I started with light blue cross-stitch fabric as my backdrop and lightly sketched out my design:


I also had to think about each shade of pink depending on where the light hit each petal so I got some different thread shades for light, medium, and dark tones – brighter pinks for the light and deeper mauve for shading.



And then I gradually started filling in the blooms with the lighter areas and then the middle tones:

Stepping back from the first group of petals, I started weaving in the branches to get an idea of how the contrast will look so far:

Gradually filling in more petals and so far liking the effect of the texture to create petals. For now, this one is in-progress as I continue to teach myself more embroidery techniques.

Thanks for visiting and hope everyone stays safe and healthy out there!