Thursday, July 11, 2019

Little Blue Mixed Media Art Book

Over the past month, I have been working on this little variety piece. It started out as a weekly creative challenge to see what new layouts and themes I could come up with using recycled art supplies on tiny pages with my own illustrations (only 3 x 4.5 inch pages). It gradually turned into a mini fairytale mixed media journal. The outside cover is from a recycled blue file folder. Using the book-binding method, I sewed the jacket together with complimentary blue thread and created a yarn clasp with a button to easily open and close the book. There’s also a hint of pretty washi tape.

Now that the little blue book is almost completely full, thought I would share the overall piece!

Added decorative stitches to the cover and experimented with stamp pad backgrounds. Trimmed the folder for a scallop edge. The parchment beige-colored sketch paper ended up working well with silhouettes!

Used one of my own photos of a hydrangea and raised the contrast to add to the mood followed by a matching periwinkle sky. Really enjoy the effect of using white gel pens and handwriting on a dark photo.

Played with negative space using what was leftover after I cut out the sketch.

Normally, the classic last page is The End but I decided to leave it open.

Hope you enjoyed this project and thank you for visiting!