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Art Studio 1219, Simply the Best Show
February 20 -- March 31 2018

 A selection of my original printmaking art is part of the artist members show! All works are signed with edition numbers.


 Josephy Center for Arts and Culture, Puppy Love Show
January 6 -- February 14 2018

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René Fleming and Beth McBee

Three of my original dog artworks were included in the Puppy Love Show featuring dog-themed art!

© Abigail Davidson: Golden Retriever Love, Corgi, Shih Tzu

Studio 1219, Art of Our Women Show
October 7 -- 31 2017

Artworks included in Studio 1219's Art of Our Women Show!

  Splendorporium, Tarot/Day of the Dead Show
October 6 -- 27 2017

My original art The Star Card (XVII) was part of the Tarot/Day of the Dead Show!

Splendorporium, Dolls & Clowns Show
August 4 -- September 29 2017
 Two of my original illustrations were part of the Dolls & Clowns Show!

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 Artist & Craftsman Supply Out of the Blue Show
July 27 -- August 27 2017

 My original mixed media mermaid illustration is part of the Out of the Blue show!
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 Artist & Craftsman Supply Red Theme Show
June 22 -- July 20 2017
 My original mixed media illustration was part of the Red-themed group show!

 Art Space PDX, Signs of Spring Show
May 2017

Two of my original artworks were part of Art Space PDX's Signs of Spring Show:

 Studio 1219 Best of the Best Member Exhibition
February 18 -- March 31 2017

My original printmaking art is part of Studio 1219's 2017 Best of the Best Member Exhibition!

Anton Art Center Christmas Market 2016
November 18 -- December 23 2016

My original printmaking art and screen-printed clothing can be found at Anton Art Center's Christmas Market 2016!

Studio 1219 Small Business Saturday 2016

Thank you to all who supported Studio 1219 during Small Business Saturday!


Studio 1219 Holiday Art Market
November 11 -- December 23 2016
A variety of my artwork is part of Studio 1219's Holiday Art Market!

Studio 1219 Art of Our Women Exhibition Show
October 4 -- 29 2016

My original printmaking art is part of Studio 1219's 2016 Art of Our Women Exhibition Show!

Studio 1219 Best of the Best Member Exhibition
February 23 -- March 26 2016

My original printmaking art is part of Studio 1219's 2016 Best of the Best Member Exhibition! 


Studio 1219 Holiday Art Market
November 13 -- December 24 2015

 A variety of my original screen-printed clothing designs and handmade cards are part of Studio 1219's Holiday Art Market 2015!

Anton Art Center: Happy Holly Days Christmas Market
November 13 -- December 23 2015

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A variety of my original printmaking artworks are part of Anton Art Center's Happy Holly Days 2015 Christmas Market! Included are handmade printmaking cards and framed art:

Studio 1219: Art of Our Women 2015 Exhibition Show
October 3 -- October 31 2015

A variety of my original printmaking artworks and clothing designs are part of Studio 1219 Gallery's Art of Our Women 2015 Exhibition Show:

Hatch Art, Hatchback 9 Group Exhibition, Juried by Chido Johnson
April 4 -- April 25 2015

My printmaking artwork Five More Minutes is part of Hatch Art's Hatchback 9 Juried Group Exhibit:

Exhibit Info. and Links
Hatchback 9
Juried by Chido Johnson

Studio 1219: Best of the Best Member Exhibition, 2015
January 17 -- February 28 2015

Three of my original linocut printmaking artworks are part of Studio 1219’s Best of the Best Member Exhibition:

© Abigail Davidson
Fox, Owl, and Scottie Dog
Original and Handmade Linocuts, Printmaking

Studio 1219: 2014 Holiday Art Market Show
November 14 -- December 27 2014

A selection of my original clothing designs are part of Studio 1219’s Holiday Art Market show. Clothing comes in a variety of sizes:

Art of Our Women 2014 Art Show
October 4 through the 25th

One of my linocut prints was part of the 2014 Art of Our Women Show. The October event was sponsored by Studio 1219 and Woman’s Life, in recognition of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

To honor women and recognize National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I created this original and handmade linocut silhouette print:

Gallery of Royal Oak – Artist of the Week Feature, 2014

I was the Artist of the Week from August 10 to August 16 at The Gallery of Royal Oak. Selections of my original linocut prints were featured.

Studio 1219 SPRING ART MARKET 2014
Selections of my prints are available for purchase at Studio 1219’s 2014 Spring Art Market! All prints are original designs, and each print is handmade. All through May 2014, I will be posting included prints. Subjects include flowers, animals, and more!

Event Dates
May 3 – May 31, 2014

Studio 1219 Color, Art, Life, and Love Exhibit, April 2014

Two of my abstract paintings and one of my new prints are part of the COLOR, ART, LIFE, and LOVE Exhibit at Studio 1219.
The exhibit runs from April 4 through April 30, 2014
All works are available for purchase.

Studio 1219 Holiday Art Market 2013

Ten of my linocut prints are in Studio 1219's Holiday Art Market. It runs from November 15 to December 28, 2013. The market will be open till 8 PM on December 21. More information about the gallery and show can be found here:

Lincoln Park Art Walk, 2013

Three of my abstract acrylic paintings were part of the Downriver Council for the Arts "DIA Inside/Out Lincoln Park Art Walk Exhibit." 

My paintings were displayed at: 
Park Restaurant Hall 
1681 Fort Street
Lincoln Park, MI 48146
From June 18, 2013 through end of September 2013

If you are interested in purchasing any of the paintings (whether you live in Michigan or out-of-state), please email me at abigaildavidsonart@gmail.com

Exhibit Information:

Mail Art: DeMonstrative, 2013

My original mail art can be seen at the International Union of Mail-Artists homepage. 

More info. can be found at the Mail Art call from Bridgewater State University, Anderson Gallery Magazine:

The Mail Art as seen on the International Union of Artists site:

Featured by Sarah at A Cat-Like Curiosity on Aloha Fridays

August 9, 2013

Listening To The Squeak Inside: Interview

On June 3, 2013, I was a featured artist on Kirstin McCulloch's blog "Listening To The Squeak Inside":
Featured Artist Interview

Colorado Mesa University 2013 4x6, 6x4 Postcard Exhibit

Two of my printed postcards were accepted into the Colorado Mesa University 4x6, 6x4 Postcard Exhibit, 2013:

Exhibit info.:
Colorado Mesa University Postcard Exhibit 2013

Exhibit catalog; 2 works featured on page 21, items 9 and 10:
Postcard Exhibit Catalog Preview

Wayne State University Graduating Seniors Exhibition 2013

One of my illustrations was featured in the Wayne State University Graduating Seniors Exhibition, January 11 through February 14, 2013: