Monday, April 29, 2013

Creative Tuesdays: Monogram

As a printmaker and painter, the idea of creating monograms was very intriguing. My first idea came from my interest in illustrating water. I have always been inspired by the energy water can demonstrate in artwork. This was an abstract I had made in the past year. It's part of a set of abstracts, and this one focuses more on water:

© Splash Abstract by Abigail Davidson; Size: 12x12 inches; Mediums: Acrylic and modeling paste on stretched canvas

From this piece, I thought about ways to take my interest in water and put that into a monogram design. This is what evolved:

© Water Monogram by Abigail Davidson; Mediums: Color pencil, marker, pen ink

Although one is a mixed media painting and the other is a drawing, it's still taking the same theme and interpreting it in a new way.

I became inspired again to create another monogram. I have always loved old-fashioned book illustrations where the words are engraved with little vines and flowers, so this is what came to mind:

© Illustrative Monogram by Abigail Davidson; Mediums: color pencil, marker, pen ink

There are an infinite number of concepts for monograms, so I'll probably make more in the future!


  1. Wow these are so creative, just lovely!


  2. Visiting from Creative Tuesdays - WOW!and double WOW! From your original to the delicate pink, all these are so beautiful to me!! Thank you for sharing :0) Mo

  3. These are lovely! I really like the water inspired one especially :) The blues make it seem quite regal!

  4. Beautiful!!! Love each one and love to see how ideas evolve.

  5. Love your different variations, the pink is so delicate. Gorgeous abstract as well.

  6. I love all of these! The blues are my favorites. I like how you took the water theme and transformed it into something new. Lovely work!

    1. Thank you Janice for your kind words! I also enjoyed your monogram submissions.

  7. Your monograms are lovely. Well done. Love the blue. :)

  8. Oh they're all so cute, Abigail. Lovely. Love how you start with that abstract painting and then to the monogram and then even another one. Lovely! I think you did a great job exploring monograms, for sure! Glad you played along. Thank you!