Thursday, August 30, 2018

Narratives & Nature

Mixed Media & Digital Art Journal Pages 

Exploring the effects of adding digital features to a hand-drawn media page - I started with original photographs of the everyday and created backgrounds pulling color palettes from the elements - then adding handwriting narratives to set the mood for each piece. Each photo is blended into its complementary backdrop.

Autumn Page by Abigail Davidson

In the Garden by Abigail Davidson

A Quiet Day by Abigail Davidson

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  1. Abigail so nice to see you. These are just gorgeous. I absolutely love the first one.

  2. These are all beautiful!
    Each one has its own individual charm~

    Happy PPF

  3. Lovely art! It's the last day of August, so autumn is here soon. Your every seasons of art are beautiful.

  4. these are beautiful Abigail! I do love hydrangeas especially. Happy PPF!

  5. Beautiful and I believe the last one is my favor.
    PPF and coffee is on

  6. Each page so lovely, although Autumn is my favourite of seasons I do love the blue of the Hydrangea's. Beautiful pages.
    Happy PPF Tracey x

  7. Beautiful pages! I can't believe we are close to those seasons so soon! I love the colors you selected for each of them