Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Playing with Color: Yellow

This week, I’m sharing a variety of original creations using a pop of yellow. When used as an accent, yellow can really brighten up any room. It’s even better when you can find the perfect matching frame!

© Abigail Davidson
Joy (original print; framed view)

I also like to balance bright colors with soft neutrals like grey. Since I enjoy creating fashion illustrations, I decided to come up with combinations using a yellow, white, and grey palette:

© Abigail Davidson
Fashion Illustrations: Yellow & Grey Palette
Illustration pen, color pencil, marker

I also experimented with some handmade floral patterns for home decor and functional gifts using the same palette. You can find the Joy print and floral patterns here:

More creations with a variety of color palettes and subjects are on the way. Thank you for visiting and have a lovely week!