Monday, September 30, 2013

Print of the Week, Postcards, and Autumn Art Preview

Hi everyone,
This week, I am sharing my Michigan linocut print:

© Michigan by Abigail Davidson; Medium: Linocut print
You can find the print at the Novi Gallery, along with Michigan postcards.

 The print is also available at my Zazzle store!
Artisanabigail Michigan Gifts

Sample of Michigan gifts by Abigail Davidson on Zazzle: Mug, plate, greeting card, magnet, coasters, ornament, watch, stamps, gift box

I am happy to announce that my fox, sailboat, dolphins, and panda prints have recently been turned into postcards as well! They are now available at the gallery as single postcards or variety packs. The variety packs include the fox, sailboat, dolphins, and panda print design. They are also available as mail orders upon request.

© Postcards by Abigail Davidson: Panda, Sailboat, Dolphins, and Fox

© Postcards by Abigail Davidson: Panda, Sailboat, Dolphins, and Fox; View 2

© Postcards by Abigail Davidson: Panda, Sailboat, Dolphins, and Fox; Variety Packs

And finally, I previously posted a sneak peek image of my original leaf stamp:
© Autumn Leaf by Abigail Davidson; Medium: Handmade stamp and print ink
This stamp has been turned into a print pattern and is now available on Zazzle!

Leaf Print Products by Abigail Davidson on Zazzle: Ornament, watch, pillow, iPhone 5 case, notebook, plate

Leaf Print Products by Abigail Davidson on Zazzle: playing cards, magnet, greeting card, button
 I was further inspired to create this illustration using my leaf print pattern as a background:

© Autumn Lady by Abigail Davidson; Mediums: color pencil, pen, original stamp, print ink
More seasonal art is in-the-making! I am always creating new prints, paintings, illustrations, and more.  Please be sure to check back here or at my Pinterest page for the latest creations.

Thank you for stopping by and hope you are having a pleasant week. And thank you to everyone who left such sweet comments on my rabbit art post!


  1. I like this pretty lady and her green coat and red background. The stamp effect is nice too! Wishing you many sales with Zazzle.

  2. Nice job Abigail. Colors are awesome. Good luck with Zazzle.:) Thanks for sharing.

  3. Your prints are absolutely gorgeous. Good creations. Blessings, Janet PPF

  4. Love the leaf stamp and the work you have created with it. Valerie

  5. Some lovely linocut artwork I especially like the lady with the leaf print background.

  6. congratulations on your many sales, Happy PPF, Annette x

  7. love the leaf stamp. Never thought of printing art postcards - i use them for advertising, but don't sell them... good idea like tiny prints ! Happy PPF

  8. Great work, love lino cuts! <3

  9. Beautiful work and the products came out gorgeous!

  10. I love seeing your painted projects on a variety of products. Love the postcards!

  11. I love seeing your work turned into so many products... looks wonderful... and lino cuts give such interesting textures...xx

  12. I so enjoy each week seeing your artwork on products somehow it makes them come alive....great items...Hope you sell lots for the season!

    Hugs Giggles

  13. Beautiful work. I really like your fox and your Autumn girl!! :)

  14. You always have such fun stuff to look at. The portrait with the fall leaf print background is my favorite this week. Blessings!